Story: How a Manual Tester become QA Automation Engineer in 3 Months

3 min readJul 15, 2022

A Manual Tester Shared his Career Experience: faced a situation when he left his last job. he had around 5 years of experience in manual testing. Only good thing that happened during this tenure was he had a decent amount of exposure in JAVA language.

QA Automation Testing

He couldn’t get interview invites for manual testing role. Out of 15 job invites he got, 12 of them were for automation cum manual testing and not purely manual testing. He never had a platform to work with selenium.

He decided to switch from manual tester to automation Testing But he was strong in JAVA. He tried to learn the basics of selenium and understood its primary usage. he gone through few Articles Experts Words for Core Concepts should learn in Selenium with Java Also learnt some relatively simpler frameworks, page object model and Behave as these are easy topics.

Best practices for maintaining testing framework using Java Selenium webdriver and he started understanding the concepts of What is Web Application Testing? Important points to consider while Testing He learnt the different ways to identify elements Then he converted all his manual testing experience into automation testing in his resume and started giving a shot at interviews. He got rejected at few interviews but At every interview He learnt something new about selenium. He never lost faith and kept learning and finally got an offer.

Is it important to know manual testing before starting automation testing?

Yes, just like him need to know A to Z before forming words similarly Manual Testing is important before starting Automation testing.

With Manual testing he learnt about the different scenarios that we have to test. We have basically HAPPY FLOW and NEGATIVE FLOW scenarios while testing any product. These cannot be learned directly with automation testing. When we test a product manually you see the exact functioning of the product, possible inputs that we can give in and always manual testing takes a little less time when we test multiple inputs for a functionality. With automation coding and then changing input values takes time.

Automation testing has its own advantages. It reduces manual effort. Automation is basically used for Sanity testing where in we want to see if all the functionalities are working fine, can’t manually test each and everything daily. Automation should be learned as it is one of the most important requirements these days.

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Don’t lose faith and its never too late to learn something. Just trust in yourself. Things that scare you, scare you because its difficult to understand. Once you get deep into it you will no longer have that fear.

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